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Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, on the set of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

They settled into a comfortable pattern of working with one another, Hepburn considering every possible nuance of a given scene while Tracy gently heckled her from the sidelines. “I think he was so steady,” she said, “and I was so volatile, that we exasperated each other. And we challenged each other, and that was the fun of it.” When John Chapman visited the set on September 12, Hepburn was at a rostrum rehearsing a speech, while Tracy was sitting out in the audience, haw-hawing loudly and doing his best to throw her off. “We are told that this is the big new friendly feud. Spence and Miss H. had never worked together before, and each at first was a little in awe of the other; but now they are in the happy Hollywood state of amiable insult. ‘We will now pause,’ announces Tracy, ‘while Miss Hepburn rewrites the script.’”

(Spencer Tracy: A Biography by James Curtis)


Woman of the Year (1942)

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I would have done anything for him.

Katharine Hepburn

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have you read this yet because you should.



We never went out in public together — learned to be invisible in all the right places. After all, he was married with two children and Mrs.Tracy deserved that respect. The press and the gossip columnists left us alone. We did go on a few trips to Europe and this is the only film of him I ever took. We were in England, obviously taking turns behind the camera.

Katharine Hepburn [All About Me 1993]

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I had always thought Spencer Tracy a wonderful actor, but when Garson said wouldn’t Spencer Tracy be great as the man (in Woman of the Year), Garson said I answered, “Oh— I don’t know. I wonder whether we would be good together. We’re so different.”

Garson also said that when he suggested to Spencer Tracy that he had a script which would be wonderful for Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, Spencer had said, “Oh really— do you think that we would be good together? We’re— so sort— of different.”

I, of course, don’t remember this at all. I remember only how perfect I thought Spence would be as anyone and how great we would be together.

Katharine Hepburn | ME: Stories of My Life



Although she was certain and unwavering in her attraction to him, he was likely dubious of anything more than a quick and memorable liaison.

“I think that you imagined I was a lesbian,” Hepburn wrote in an epistolary chapter years after his death. “But not for long. Did you.”

[Spencer Tracy: A Biography]

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